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A 4-Way Formation Skydiving team from South Africa, made up of 5 friends, having fun jumping toghether while trying to help push South African skydiving to the best it's ever been.


In the beginning

The SAVOLO 4-Way Formation Skydiving team was founded in 2012 by Alex Jordaan, Amy Kirtland, Bailey Edmunds, Dirk Venter and Warren Hitchcock. Our objective was to create a team that would love training and competing together and could stay together for a while and build some history and experience. We managed 42 training jumps together before competing at the South African skydiving nationals in 2012 where we placed second.

The same lineup continued for another season and after only 30 training jumps due to Alex living and working in Dubai at the time once again competed at nationals in 2013 where we placed 1st, becoming the national champions.

For the 2014/2015 season Dirk Venter was not able to continue with the team and was replaced by Andre Van Heerden, a South African living and working in New York City. Alex also relocated to New York from Dubai, while Amy, Bailey and Warren were still living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. The team met for a training camp in Arizona, USA late in 2013 where we did 6 hours of indoor wind tunnel training and 35 jumps.

In order to start getting closer to our team goals we need about 500 jumps and another 20 to 30 hours of wind tunnel time. We will participate at the world championships this year, then attend South African nationals in 2015 and then see if we have the opportunity to do a significant amount of training for the 2016 season leading into the nationals in order to qualify for the world championships held the same year.

We managed another 27 training jumps in South Africa just prior to nationals in April of 2014 for a total of 62 team jumps (we were of course jumping and competing individually) and although it was a fraction of the intended training plan, we managed to win the nationals and qualify for the World Parachuting Championships to be held in the Czech Republic in August 2014.

SAVOLO at Skydive Arizona

Tighter. Just liked toned and smaller. Don't make everything smaller, I don't wanna generalize that way... tighter.

Our Plans/Schedule

We have a number of events lined up for the 2014/2015 Season.

SAVOLO Nationals 2014 Video

A short overview of Nationals 2014 at
Pretoria Skydiving Club in South Africa.

Some interesting facts about us

Combined Jumps
Team Jumps
Combined Hours of Freefall
Parachutes Malfunctioned


SAVOLO Nationals 2014 Video

A short overview of Nationals 2014 at
Pretoria Skydiving Club in South Africa.

SAVOLO Nationals 2014 Training

2013 Training camp at skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona, USA

SAVOLO Nationals 2013 Video

A short overview of Nationals 2013 held at
Johannesburg Skydiving Club in South Africa.

SAVOLO Nationals 2012 Video

A short overview of Nationals 2012 held at
Pretoria Skydiving Club in South Africa.